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This website is provided by Yamato Industry (Thailand) Corp., Ltd., This website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users on the Company’s website. It offers users some of the functionality of the website and helps the Company. Improve website If you use this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy.

What are cookies

Cookies are text small files created from a Web Server and saved to your computer. Used to store log details when you visit the website or use the Internet.

How do company use cookies

  1. To learn about your website habits.
  2. To collect your activity information. When you visit the website.
  3. To make our website easy, fast and efficient.
  4. To offer our products to better suit your interests and needs.
  5. To display product, services, or event details on the Company’s website.
  6. To develop services, display appropriate content or activities.

Types of cookies used by the Company

On our website, two types of cookies, called “Session Cookies” and “Persistent Cookies”, may be used. Persistent cookies will stay on your device longer or until you delete them yourself, and the length of time the cookie will be on your device will depend on the “age” of the cookie.

Cookies used by the Company

Types of cookies that may be used on our website If the information stored through cookies is privacy policy, we will apply the Privacy Policy in addition to this Cookie Policy.

Important Cookies

Essential Cookies are essential for the operation of the Website and to allow you to access different parts of the Website and use its services and features. Without these important cookies, the Website will not work for you as smoothly as we would like and we may not be able to provide certain websites or features.

TypeMORE DETAILSHow to deal with cookies
Session CookiesTo maintain the condition of the application.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Load Balancing CookiesTo send resources to countries around the world and help lighten the problem of servers being used heavily.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
User ID CookiesThis is so that only that user can view their own data.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Security CookiesTo control and monitor security.Accept/Reject through browser settings.

Preference Cookies

Preference Cookies collect information about what you choose and will allow us to remember specific languages or settings and customize the website to suit your needs.

TypeMORE DETAILSHow to deal with cookies
Language CookiesTo store the user’s preferred language and display the correct options.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Location CookiesThe user’s address (city, country, postal code) assigned from the IP address is automatically stored to select the correct country.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Mobile DevicesIf a user accesses the website on a mobile device, a cookie is set to indicate that the main website is selected.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Web site for referenceThe website is saved for reference to better understand the user’s preferences.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Final visits and activitiesThe last visit will be recorded. To provide users with news about “changes to the Website since your last visit”, and to better understand the user’s preferences.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Recently Viewed VideosDates and titles of recently viewed videos are recorded to better understand the user’s preferences.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Flash CookiesTo make audiovisual content playable.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Page HistoryTo view the page that the user has viewed. If a user receives an error message during a visit to a Web site, the user receives an error message. Cookies data is stored in the Log File to report the error and how to fix it.Accept/Reject through browser settings.

Social Plug-in Tracking Cookies

Cookies are used to track people who are members and not members of social media networks to analyze market research and product development.

TypeMORE DETAILSHow to deal with cookies
FacebookTo track down Facebook members and non-members to analyze market research and product development.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
YouTubeTo follow up with non-members to analyze market research and product development.Accept/Reject through browser settings.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics Cookies collect information about your use of the Website and enable us to improve how it works, such as Analytics Cookies, showing us which pages on the site are most frequently visited. Help us record the problems you have with your site and show us how effective our advertising. This will give us a greater picture of the overall pattern of use on the site than the use of a single person.

TypeMORE DETAILSHow to deal with cookies
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Cookies collects all statistical data to improve your site’s presentation and navigation.https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies are used for marketing purposes.

TypeMORE DETAILSHow to deal with cookies
AdsSend targeted behavioral/targeted ads.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Market AnalysisPerform market analysis.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Advertising/PromotionMeasure ad performance.Accept/Reject through browser settings.
Deception detectionClick Fraud Detection.Accept/Reject through browser settings.

How to deal with cookies

Although most Internet Browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, most Internet Browsers allow you to change settings to block cookies or warn you when cookies are sent to your device.

In addition to the alternatives listed above. You may refuse, accept or remove cookies from the Website at any time by activating or accessing your browser. For information on the steps to follow in order for cookies to be used or to disable cookies or to remove cookies, you can find them on your Internet Browser website by looking at the Help Screen.

Please note that if you disable cookies or remove cookies, certain features may not work for a specified purpose, such as you may not be able to visit certain areas of the Website or you may not receive personalized information when you visit the Website.

If you use different devices to view and access websites such as computers, smartphones, computers, and other devices, you can use the Media Tablets, etc. You will need to adjust the browser settings on each device to match your cookie preferences.

  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari for Computer PC and Laptop.
  • Chrome, Safari for iOS and android.