Electronics Industries

The product for electronics industries.

Yamato introduces cost-effective, labor-saving solutions to the production processes of home electronics, computer, etc.

Various adhesive tapes and adhesives are used in the leading-edge electronics products such as TV sets, cellular phones, game machines, PCs, and digital cameras, and also in their production processes and parts. In addition to those advanced properties, normally considered necessary in the electronics industries, such as insulation, conductivity and heat resistance, it is now imperative to consider decomposability of materials to co-op with Consumer Electronics Recycling Law.

Yamato’s sophisticated adhesion technologies with consideration given to the environment are implicitly supporting Japan’s Consumer electronics and computer manufacturers.

Automobile Industries

The product for automobile industries.

Individuality and high grade is added to a feel of car. The adhesion technology of Yamato makes it possible.

Yamato’s sophisticated technologies fostered over many years are used for decorated instrument panels, decorative stripes, blackout films, and body and bumper paint masking systems for automobiles, etc. Long accumulated capabilities to specialize in creating original designs for various automobile applications are Yamato’s strength.

Yamato sends out a variety of products from its production and sales base in Detroit, the center of automotive industry in the world, as well as from Thailand, Turkey, Belgium, China, and of course from Japan to various parts of the world.

Stick Glue

Reple Natural.

Refillable glue stick. Using natural raw material for glue and recycled plastics for container. Refillable container helps to reduce environmental waste. You can refill the glue easily.

Arabic Yamato

“Arabic Yamato” is the most widely used liquid glue in Japan. Smooth application. For sticking paper, cellophane, fabric, etc.

Strong Adhesion :
High reputation for easy use and strong adhesion. The special built-in sponge head makes a smooth application.

Selection :
You can select the best for your application from variety of Arabic Yamato, such as standard, curved head, twin, refill, etc.